The "Beach Cat" is Doug & Sue Walton's 44' Manta catamaran, which cruised the "Great Loop" in March of 2007.  The trip finished in Nov 2007, traveled about 5,000 miles, 173 locks, and met many new friends.  In May of 2008 Beach Cat sailed to The Bahamas for several weeks, our fifth trip to The Bahamas, and in the summer of 2010 we spend another month or so in the Abacos. 

Prior to "Beach Cat" we owned a beautiful black hull 56' Navigator named "Beach House".  Browse through the pictures on this site and enjoy!

Also, our first boat was a 52' Jefferson, which some of the photos show this classic boat named "Top Brass".

Presently… we’re looking for a “different” boating experience… a nice cruising sail boat.  More to come!


"Beach Cat"


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